Online Participants

If you are signed up for an online LEGO® Serious Play® workshop, please take five minutes to read this page.

Interactive Workshop

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops are totally interactive so you will need to be actively participating right from the start. The tips below will help you have everything you need for a good session.

The LEGO® Bricks

Once you have supplied your address, your bricks will be sent to you in the post. When they arrive, feel free to open them and have a play but try to not to lose any bricks because you will need them all. If you want to check that you’ve got all your bricks, have a look at the picture below.

Inventory of all the bricks in your kit

We try to send kits early to avoid postal problems because sadly if your bricks don’t arrive in time you won’t be able to join the workshop. It’s important that everybody builds with the same bricks so please don’t add your own bricks from home!

Instruction Booklet

You will recieved a sheet with some model building instructions. There is no need to do anything with it beforehand but do keep it safe and make sure you have it for the workshop.

Computer and Work Space

To ensure that the video conferencing works properly, use a desktop or laptop computer rather than a tablet or smart phone.

  • Clear some building space in front of your computer for making your LEGO® models.
  • Find a workplace that is well lit and quiet so your models can be seen and your spoken descriptions can be heard.
  • See if you can tilt your laptop lid or move your webcam so you can show off your LEGO models when needed.

Clear some space for building

Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom will be used as the video conferencing platform. Please download Zoom Client for meetings before the workshop. This should not require any administrative permissions on your computer. If you join the meeting via your browser instead of downloading Zoom you may experience problems such as:

  • Unable to download files shared through the chat function
  • Microphone not working in breakouts rooms
  • Unable to view other participants in gallery view

Meeting Invitation

Once your email address has been provided, you will get a meeting invitation that contains the link to the meeting. If you accept that meeting invitation, the link will download into your online diary so you can easily find it. This should avoid frantic hunts for the right email with the link moments before the workshop starts. Alternatively, this meeting link may be sent to you via a contact person in your organisation.

Join the Meeting

When you are ready to join the meeting, just click the link. You will see a black dialogue box that asks “Open” as shown in the picture below. Click the button that says Open, (as highlighted by the red arrow and box in the picture below) and you will be ready to join the meeting.  

It may ask for a password that will be in the meeting invitation that you were sent.

A video tutorial from Zoom that may be helpful:

Joining a meeting

Click ‘Open’ to join the meeting

Be on Time

LEGO® Serious Play® sessions are always designed to include all participants for the duration of the workshop. This does mean that if you are late, you won’t be able to join in. So please make sure you are on time.

  • Be ready at least five minutes before the start
  • Get the Zoom meeting link ready
  • Test your microphone, speakers and webcam
  • Have your LEGO® bricks in front of you

Test Zoom

Use this link if you want to try out Zoom before the meeting. It will let you try out many of the in-meeting features.